Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

Clip: Meditation on Violence (1948)

Old Art Film with Tai Chi-Elements from the artist May Deren:

Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

Magazin: Taijiquan-Lilun-Magazin 4

Free Download of Taijiquan-Lilun-Magazin 4: here

Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017

Small thought: About Pushhands

I love Pushhands and the following quote reflects it:

Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
Viktor Frankl

Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017

Montag, 15. Mai 2017

Book: The Taijiquan & Qigong Dictionary

Do you ever tried to get deeper into the world of Taijiquan & Qigong by studying books or texts in the internet?

Then you may have faced a lot of Chinese words - not only technical terms, but also names of people and names of movements and postures. Often unknown and sometimes looking very similar. Easy to mix them up or get confused.

Angelika Fritz was very aware of this problem and solved it by publishing the Taijiquan & Qigong Dictionary - a paper book with a lot of content:

• covers words, phrases, concepts from Taijiquan, Qi Gong, TCM, and meditation
• ranges from A (e.g. Abdominal Breathing, Ao Bu, Attack the tiger) via M (e.g. Ma Bu, Men Ren, Moxibustion) to Z (e.g. Zai Chui, Zhong Kui, Zuo Wang)
• includes the most important numbers: 1-10, 100, 1000 etc.
• refers to many form movements in Chinese and English
• explains various relevant acupuncture points
• names many present and past masters
• all in all it is 127 pages about Taijiquan and Qi Gong

As a dictionary it is not a book to read through, but to have it on the table for daily use. Lying here it can be a daily friend making the textual world of Taijiquan & Qigong more accessible.

More info: here

Big hug to Angelika (more info here) and thank you for the effort of making this book.