Samstag, 31. August 2013

News: New Kindle-Book of Martin Boedicker

Tai Chi Chuan in the History of Chinese Martial Arts

In the book The Great Learning (Daxue) it is written: “All things have roots and branches“. The branches of Tai Chi Chuan are visible today, but the roots are hidden in the mists of time. On the search for them, this little book takes a look at Tai Chi Chuan in realtionship to the history of Chinese martial arts. This perspective leads us from ancient times until the Chinese republic.

After studying this book, the reader will have a more complete picture of the martial art of Tai Chi Chuan and will provide him with new avenues of thoughts on her/his beloved art.


- Tai Chi Chuan as Part of China's Martial Arts
- Martial Arts in Ancient China
- The Foundation Myth of Tai Chi Chuan
- Martial Arts during the Ming Dynasty
- Qi Jiguang, the General
- Chen Wangting, the Proven Fighter
- Martial Arts during the Qing Dynasty
- The Internal Martial Arts
- Chang Naizhou
- From Chenjaigou to Yongnian
- Tai Chi Chuan at the Chinese Emperor's Court
- Tai Chi Chuan in the Republican Era

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